G Block, Royal Haslar, Gosport:

Complete refurbishment of 78 sliding sash timber windows

Overall condition is poor to fair, as repairs and maintenance had not been on going.

The sliding sashes on many windows were not able to be opened or closed properly due to broken sash cords and or paint build up on pulley stiles causing the sash to jam.

Some top sashes had been nailed/painted shut rather than replacing the sash cords.

Due to the nature of the original buildings use of containment, the ground floor windows had been designed only to open enough to allow for air flow. It was therefore advised that the repositioning of new pulleys to allow the lower sashes to be fully opened to provide a means of fire escape.

Total refurbishment/repair/ energy efficiency upgrades were undertaken but we reused as many of the original pulleys and latches that were still serviceable and recycled timber from the old floor boards/ joists in the process.

Replacement slimline double glazed sealed units installed and wet ‘puttied’ in.

A concealed draft proofing system was then installed to every window, re-corded and sash weights had to be re calibrated due to the extra weight of the new double glazed sealed units fitted.
This building still has its original ‘padded cell’, which by the end of the job was quite comforting in a strange way.

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