Kingsway House, Portsmouth:

Refurbishment and service of existing 78 aluminium windows and main entrance door.

The condition of the windows was good to fair, as it was mainly adjustments to the friction stays, re packing glass to centre sashes, clean and lubricate locking mechanisms.

Each window was checked for ease of operation and secure closing, checking compression onto sealing gaskets was complete on the outer edge of the sash.

Friction stays were adjusted to allow a controlled operation and hold sash in open position when required. Lockable cable window restrictors were fitted to all opening sash’s , fire escape route was through building.

Replacement glass units to some windows was supplied and fitted due to units breaking down and misting.

Once operational, windows were cleaned internally as well as the inner profile rebate, silicone grease was then applied to keeps and locking mechanisms.

The main entrance door showed signs of general wear and tear, the lock cover plate was missing and the bottom pivot needed adjusting/replacing. Once these issues were addressed, the door was realigned and set , giving years of future service.
The transom closer was checked for operation and closing speed adjusted to allow for auto latching.

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