Reactive Repairs

Reactive repairs cover the renewal of individual window and door components as and when they fail.

The majority of these are identified by tenants or homeowners and can be dealt with on a one-off basis.

Door and window adjustments are straight forward to undertake, avoiding possible security issues and or excessive drafts which can lead to additional heating costs.

Hinges, locks, handles, glazing, adjustments

Benefits are:

  • Provide a rapid response
  • Aim to complete work on first visit
  • Safe operation for tenants, staff and customers
  • Guarantee works for 12 months in terms of the functionality of hardware
  • Extend manufacturers warranties for replacement sealed units
  • Ease, adjust, and lubricate all moving parts on the windows and doors
  • Extend lifetime use of windows and doors

Whilst attending  a repair our service engineers can undertake a quick inspection of other windows and doors in the building, making sure that there are no safety or security defects that need to be addressed immediately or within a planned schedule, reporting any findings back to our clients.

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