Upgrading Safety & Security

Existing windows and doors in  older housing stock can still offer tenants and leaseholders the same level of safety and security without the huge cost of total replacements.

By retro fitting security and safety devices that will provide peace of mind to both tenants and landlords.

Benefits are:

  • Upgrading window & door locks to high security hook locks
  • Upgrading safety glazing to existing window & doors
  • Security and Safety film applied
  • Window restrictors serviced or replaced
  • Sashes rehinged to allow for fire egress exits
  • Anti snap/pick euro barrels fitted
  • Security restrictors for downstairs windows fitted

Safety devices

Safety devices can be fitted during manufacture or once windows have been installed. If the sash moves due to improper packing or worn opening mechanism, the safety device becomes obsolete which can lead to potentially serious safety issue. Falling from heights can be prevented with annual checks and correct adjustment of the device at least once a year or when attending to another repair within the property

Security upgrades

Some of the older uPVC windows and doors have locking systems that offer little in the way of security. Using retro fitted modern locking systems these older windows and doors can offer the same security as new, but without the huge expense and wastage of fitting new.

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