Vistry Flats, Chichester:

Repair and refurbish of 68 timber windows in communal areas and stairways

Each window was checked for type of repair required, although the ma-jority of the sashes were mis aligned the remedy was straight for-ward.

Actuators were removed from sash to allow for sash removal, once re-moved the sash was checked, any repairs were undertaken i.e. glass re-moved and sash mortise and tenons were reset and doweled adding strength to bottom rail.

Sash was checked for squareness, ready to be fitted back into its frame.

Once the original hinges were reset they were refitted using a slightly larger gauge screw, giving years more service.

Hinges fitted back onto sash and sash fitted back into frame, final check of closing and opening was undertaken before attaching actuators.

Once operational, windows were cleaned internally, inner profile rebate, silicone grease applied to keeps and locking mechanisms lubricated.

Existing draft proofing gasket was replaced with new upgraded type to give complete seal around sash.

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