White Hart Road, Old Portsmouth:

Repair and refurbish of uPVC sliding sash windows

The existing windows are double glazed uPVC, spring balanced, tilt and slide, double hung sash windows. The lower sash tilts inwards enabling it to be cleaned from inside.

The windows where fitted at time of construction of buildings at and around 1995—1997.

Overall condition is fair, as maintenance has not been on going.

Damage to exterior sill due to top sash balance spring failure, causing the sash to drop down abruptly.

The spring balances on a number of windows have failed, this has lead to the windows becoming inoperative.

Some windows can not be opened, either the spring balances have seized due to corrosion or have been screwed shut.

Although the windows looked dilapidated it was mostly cosmetic and once the windows had refurbished on the property they are now fully operational.

The rust marks have been removed and new components fitted i.e. Spring balances, pivot shoes, pivot bars, lift handles and keeps.

New glass units were fitted where required, allowing these windows another lease of life rather than being replaced and ending up in land fill.

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