Admiralty Quarters, Portsmouth:

Maintenance and repairs to aluminium windows and doors.

Admiralty Quarters has 566 apartments, each with windows and doors to maintain.

A mixture of owner occupiers and private rentals, all with the same needs when it comes to repairs.

From aluminium tilt & slide balcony doors on the tower, French doors, Tilt and turn windows used throughout the development.

The windows and doors are now 13 years old, with this comes repairs especially if no maintenance had been carried out over the years.

The locking mechanisms are prone to corrosion in the salty environ-ment, running gear on the tilt & slide doors needs adjusting or can be damaged to being forced.

All this we have found and more, but with our background knowledge in the products and original installations companies we can provide a complete service.

The main entrance door required new floor springs to be installed due to high wind loading, damaging the operating mechanism. An upgrad-ed floor spring was installed.

Glass units breakdown and need changing, handles break, locks need changing every new tenancy.

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