Energy Efficiency

Perished gaskets, misted units and mis aligned sashes can all add to heating costs. Windows and doors that have been fitted without a cavity closer or worst still no cavity at all, can cause cold bridging to occur.

Behind the plastic trim there maybe voids that will offer no protection from heat loss or noise ingress.

Ventilation is also an important issue, trickle vents that do not operate correctly can cause noise and drafts. These then tend to be taped over and blocked causing stale air and condensation within the property.

Benefits are:

  • Renewing gasket seals to sash openings, reducing noise and drafts

  • Stop cold bridging by filling voids in the reveal with insulation foam

  • Re-glaze using energy efficient glazing units reducing cold air down drafts

  • Reseal external of frames to stop penetration of water into fabric of build

  • Fitting new trickle vents that can help reduce heat loss and exterior noise

Thermal bridging around windows.

Traditionally a lot of thermal bridges have routinely been built into our window and door reveals. For example by using masonry to close the cavity at the reveal.

Cold bridging commonly occurs around windows and doors, due to the majority of installations not having cavity closers fitted at time of installation, or that practice of closing the cavity with brick the external brick work is tight against the interior block work, only separated by the thin vertical bitumen felt DPC.

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